By Jorge Lucena July 13, 2022

The influential figure from Beirut residing in Dubai is going all out to create her lounge as a one-of-a-kind facility for all things beauty.

The way a few industries around the world have been on a constant growth pedestal has made it imperative to learn more about the reasons or factors that might have helped these industries gain exponential rise in their respective niches. These industries have been able to taste major developments and growth because they have been driven by ace professionals across the world, mainly including women, who have been giving it their all in order to reach massive potential; and take their niches to astounding success levels. We saw how Alexandra Ibrahim Moukalled did the same in the world of digital with her A-game in content creation. However, what has now helped her attain incredible momentum and headlines all over is her significant steps towards entrepreneurship with her soon-to-be-opened beauty lounge in Dubai.

Originally from Beirut and now from Dubai, Alexandra Ibrahim always saw endless opportunities across the UAE and believed that it is a land of unimaginable possibilities. To up her game in beauty, optimizing these opportunities and possibilities, she has now ventured into entrepreneurship by planning to open an exceptional beauty lounge in Dubai. Her quest to open her beauty lounge can be attributed to the consistent success she has got in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and skincare niches as a digital creator and social media influencer. This motivated her to take the plunge and initiate her own brand in the beauty world in the form of her beauty lounge.

Speaking about it, Alexandra Ibrahim says that she will be emphasizing minimalist modern interior designs with the use of the latest technologies in the beauty world to not just enhance people’s experiences but give them the results they truly seek. She will be focusing on services like nails, hair, lashes, eyebrows, lamination, waxing, massage, hair treatment etc.

Starting a business for oneself in Dubai may require individuals to fight tooth and nail for themselves, as with the innumerable opportunities the region provides, it also comes along with fierce competition. However, digital creator Alexandra Ibrahim is confident for her beauty lounge as she aims to provide uniqueness through each of her salon’s services to customers.

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